Knit your own designer knitwear with my prepacked wool combinations. All kits include not only the best quality of wool but also the most unique threads that are only available on Knitknitz. I combine my passion for knitting with an eye for yarns to create these beautiful, luxe and exclusive kits that are based on Kiro by Kim creations. Join me and my hobby and make your own Kiro by.. ME.

Why Knitknitz?

Combinations are 100% made and combined by me. With my passion for knitting and an eye for yarns, I create these beautiful, luxe and exclusive kits that are based on Kiro by Kim creations and exclusively made for Knitknitz.

All Kiro by me kits are based on Kiro by Kim designs which are my exclusive designs. When buying a kit you will get access to my creations and you will receive a pattern that I at first created for myself, but now want to share with all knit lovers.

Besides thinking of wonderful ways to combine, I also have an active role in sourcing my supplies of wool. I go directly to the source and import my own threads from all over the world. This way I can ensure the best quality and unique threads.

I actively knit myself but I'm not too busy to help and support any of my knitters. In fact, I would love to help you out and walk you through my patterns! Need extra support? Kiro workshops are finally here! Book your ticket now.

Knitting is for everyone! Don't doubt yourself but dare yourself. Everyone can knit and especially because all kits include personal instructions from me and a printed instruction pattern that are understandable and easy to read.

Knitting is not what it used to be! Become a creative version of yourself and join the modern fashion world with my trendy knitwear designs. With my kits, you will step into a new world of chunky knitting!

What our customers think

''Yesterday I was stopped 3 times in the street by strangers who wanted to know where I bought my knitted vest, so nice;) Tuesday I wore the vest on to the city council, everyone swooned ;))''

What our customers think

''Wool is delivered. I have just not pulled it out of his hands by the postman. Of course I was so curious that I immediately had to knit a piece. Super beautiful. I am very happy with it!''


What our customers think

''I want to let you know that I have received the package. Thank you very much for the beautiful yarns, it is really beautiful! And of course also for the beautiful bag. I am very happy with it!''


What our customers think

"All these kits are so beautiful, that choosing is difficult!"


What our customers think

"I want to thank you for making this possible for me and other customers. I wanted this for a long time, could never find the right pattern or the right wool. It was all just not. But this is super fun to do and looks crazy. I am very happy with the wool and hope that you will stay busy with those beautiful yarns for a long time so that I can often buy from you. And super sweet that I was allowed to knit this."


What our customers think

"I just admire how you combine different yarns…perfect!!!"


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